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All About Air

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Coachella CA 92236
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Heating Services

Have your heating systems in your Coachella home repaired, installed, and maintained by the experts at All About Air before the temperatures drop. Furnaces are heating system replacement responsible for providing a warm and comfortable environment in your home. If your home doesn't feel as if it is being heated properly or it's not as warm as it should be, you may be facing a repair problem. Let the professionals at All About Air inspect your gas or electrical furnace components thoroughly to determine where the issue may be. Once found, your furnace can be repaired in a quick manner so that your family is not left out in the cold for too long. At All About Air, we offer same day service calls for most issues that arise with heating systems.

In addition to providing top of the line repair services for heating systems in the area, we also offer maintenance assistance. We highly recommend that you have your heating system regularly maintained to ensure that it will last for many years to come. All About Air provides its heating services for a wide variety of furnace brands, including: Lennox, American Standard, Carrier, Trane, Bryant, Ruud, Comfortmaker, Maytag, Goodman, York, and many others.

All About Air offers:

Leak checks for carbon monoxide and gas
Checks for proper drafting of the chimney and vent
Checks for the functioning of all safety switches, controls, and other components
Checks for proper gas pressure
Oiling for any motors that may need it
Inspections, adjustments and calibrations of thermostats
Checks for water heaters

Electrical Furnaces:

Electrical furnaces are engineered to provide a constant heat source for your home. Instead of gas lighting a burner, an electrical furnace has a heat pump. Heat pumps are responsible for controlling theFurnace repair flow of heat throughout all areas of your home. An electrical furnace is generally used in smaller homes. If you would like to learn more about electrical furnaces or if you are looking into replacing your existing furnace, please contact us and we will be glad to assist you with any questions or concerns that you may have.

Gas Furnaces:

If you have a natural gas furnace, then you will also have a meter running from the outside of your home to wherever your furnace may be. Natural gas used to heat homes is very efficient, effective, and generally clean-burning. Natural gas is known to heat homes very quickly and be incredibly dependable. Gas furnaces use a specially-designed blower to circulate the heat throughout all areas of your home. If you are looking into replacing your old furnace, consider getting a gas furnace and having it installed by the heating experts at All About Air.